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Position #1

Throughout my first term on the SeaTac City Council, I've worked to enhance our community and quality of life. My goal has--and always will be--to create a safe and welcoming place for all who live in, visit, and travel through the City of SeaTac. 


Throughout my first term, I made real progress for SeaTac. I increased access to affordable housing and spearheaded public safety initiatives, such as the lifejacket station at Angle Lake and a business watch program. During the pandemic, I led workforce development initiatives to increase access to family-wage jobs and secured grants for human services and local businesses, all while maintaining a healthy city budget. I did this all without raising residents’ city taxes. 


I was born to Ethiopian refugees in South King County and have lived here ever since. I understand the unique challenges that our residents face. SeaTac needs leadership that embraces diversity, prioritizes public safety, and uplifts small businesses. 


While we've made progress, affordable housing and community safety remain pressing concerns. I'm dedicated to amplifying residents' voices and ensuring our policies benefit everyone. I humbly ask for your support to forge a stronger, safer, and more inclusive SeaTac.

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