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  • Created a community engagement position and expanded the communications program to foster better connections between the city and its residents.

  • Improved accessibility and language access services by implementing a requirement for departments to include them in their plans.

  • Maintained a healthy budget during the COVID-19 pandemic while prioritizing the needs of employees and the community.

  • Increased funding to support small business growth and workforce development initiatives.

  • Passed renter protections to ensure the rights and well-being of tenants in SeaTac and promote middle housing.

  • Expanded funding for the ANEW apprenticeship program, promoting skills development and job opportunities.

  • Entered into a contract with The Imagine Institute to implement the SeaTac FastTrack Childcare Initiative program, aiming to support in-home childcare businesses and expand childcare options in the city.

  • Supported small businesses and community-based organizations throughout the pandemic by facilitating various grant processes.

  • Expanded affordable housing options through a partnership with Mercy Housing, resulting in the development of 130 units of permanently affordable housing, including 24 units specifically designated for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults.

  • Enhanced parks and trails by adding amenities such as a spray park at North SeaTac Park, a new SeaTac Pump track at North SeaTac Park, and a lifejacket station at Angle Lake Park.

  • Established a community police officer position, focused on representing and engaging with the community while leading programs like the Out Police Academy.

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