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"Together, I believe we will find solutions that work for ALL the residents of SeaTac. I'm running for re-election to address the PROBLEMS that affect us all as residents. We need to do better at understanding one another and working together.  I am ready to work hard, learn and serve our community with each and every resident in mind."                                                                                                                                                     - Senayet Negusse   

Supporting Local Businesses and Community Hubs

Local businesses need support from the government to bring visitors to SeaTac by increasing visibility, creating pathways to jobs for residents, addressing public safety concerns, and providing technical assistance. We must foster a sense of community in SeaTac by creating more spaces for engagement and for small businesses to grow, such as the SeaTac Farmers Market that I am working on. 

Community Safet

Community safety means that our emergency service providers will have the resources to effectively protect and serve the residents of SeaTac. This means they will have the knowledge and resources to work in collaboration with residents, businesses and government to improve public safety across the city. 

Ensuring Strong Infrastructure and Accessible Transportation Options

I am determined to improve SeaTac's infrastructure and transportation options for the residents that live here, including walkable neighborhoods and parking. Individuals must be able to live independently within their communities and easily access employment, education, healthcare, and community activities. 

Housing & Renters Rights 

We must find solutions that benefit all residents. I am committed to advocating for affordable housing options, with a focus on safe and healthy living conditions so that homeowners and renters can live with dignity and without fear of displacement and homelessness.

Responsible Spending for Comprehensive Community Services 

As Chair of the Administration and Finance Committee, I have worked to maintain a balanced city budget. SeaTac must work cross-collaboratively to provide residents with comprehensive services while maintaining a healthy budget. 

Community Voice & Representation

My reelection to the SeaTac City Council will allow me to continue to elevate the voices and experiences of those most impacted by the policies that our government considers. I have spent my career prioritizing accessibility and support for the most vulnerable in our communities. I intend to use my position to accelerate this work and ensure that every person has the opportunity to be heard.

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