"Together, I believe we will find solutions that work for ALL the residents of SeaTac. I'm running to address the PROBLEMS that affect us all as residents. We need to do better at understanding one another and working together.  I am ready to work hard, learn and serve our community with each and every resident in mind."                                                                                                                                                     - Senayet Negusse                                                              
Supporting Local Businesses and Community Hubs

As your Councilmember, I will develop policies that ensure all residents, businesses, organizations can remain in their community and thrive. I will champion our local businesses to ensure that SeaTac is a place where all businesses can prosper.

Community Safety 

Community safety means that our emergency service providers will have the resources to effectively protect and serve the residents of SeaTac. This means they will have the knowledge and resources to work in collaboration with residents, businesses and government to improve public safety across the city. 

Ensuring Strong Infrastructure and Accessible Transportation Options

I am determined to improve SeaTac's infrastructure and transportation options for the residents that live here, including walkable neighborhoods and parking. Individuals must be able to live independently within their communities and easily access employment, education, healthcare, and community activities. 

Housing & Renters Rights 

I am committed to ensuring that long term residents are not negatively impacted by the development plans that are in place. We must find solutions that benefit all residents. As a homeowner, I am committed to advocating for affordable housing options, with a focus on safe and healthy living conditions so that home owners and renters can live with dignity and without fear of displacement and homelessness.

Responsible Spending for Comprehensive Community Services 

Our city currently doesn't prioritize the social needs of our community. As an early childhood educator and advocate for older adults, I am determined to enhance educational and recreational programs and create more opportunities for young children, youth, seniors and veterans to become more active in our community. This includes using the resources we currently have more effectively, like inviting public schools and communities to partner in unique ways which benefit all members of the community. 

Community Voice & Representation

Our current city council is not reflective of the community. I bring a diverse perspective: as a second generation American, daughter of small business owners and a working class lens. As an educator and social services worker, I understand many issues many of our community members face on both the individual and the systemic level. I am committed to learning about all communities and will create a welcoming space for everyone to contribute so that we can work together to address issues that affect residents in our community.


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